Credit: Joseph Beaver

Graffiti in the AV

by Joseph Beaver

Responses on the concept of self-love from the Youthbuild Media Team:

Graffiti is a way for you to express yourself, a way to let go of bad energy. The image might let someone feel better about something they are dealing with. “My tag could be there for a day, for two days, or forever.” Even if the image gets painted over, it has still had an impact. I can control what’s on this wall.

This might be a way of self-love as an example of someone’s own idea for a word or new idea. The group struggled with whether it is as it seems or upside down or backwards. Joey’s take, ” I think what this person was simply having fun. Or it could be a way of distracting oneself, relieve some stress or anger. This was clearly done by an artist” This image reminds Robert of a Mood Ring, looks like Skippy did “Pink, or maybe Pikk.”

There is an etiquette for graffiti, it can hurt people or things, it will not go away. Skaters and graffiti artists try to respect certain boundaries, like trying to paint on public, not private property. The aim for the ability to write without injuring others. It has a community feel to it. Graffiti artists are in conversation with each other through their images. They feel like they are with each other.

There are also risks these artists are taking – fines, jail time, a record. This creates an adrenaline rush, which can be helpful in other ways. The risk can make you feel alive, feel your actual heartbeat. It is outside the norm. It makes you feel the moment, like the person is actually alive.

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