Credit: Joseph Beaver

GAMA: a form of self-care?

by Joseph Beaver

Possible meanings of the word Gama – Gamma rays, choosing a name for themselves, play on the sound of the word. Gama is actually a shoe, this person is a sneaker head. It is a form of Jordans. – Tashi

Juan on self care: drinking water, getting sleep, managing stress, calm yourself down and not wonder if you are going to do it, just do it. Don’t think about how much time you have left.

Tashi on self care: picking up hobbies that I used to use, like meditating, working out, listening to music, getting as much alone time as possible, getting a little time away from my kids at times. I meditate in the morning while my kids are still asleep, just five minutes of repeating happiness and health to myself. I try to let go of negative thoughts and focus or remind myself of positive thoughts.

Joey on self care: I try to use periods of boredom as a way to be more content with myself, trying to not seek attention from others but be ok with myself. I don’t need someone telling me I am a good person or that my hair looks good. I try to take care of myself and validate myself.

Robert on self care: Doing stuff that I love like video games, color games, watching movies, being myself, try to keep other people’s words from getting to me.

The Media Team overall: It helps me stay out of trouble. It is like being free, it is less stressful than class. It is a chance to just hang with each other, a chance to listen to ourselves without judgment. “My words are being heard in a productive manner, my thoughts mattter.” The smaller classroom helps a lot. It is a chance to be more creative and express ourselves, and it builds our confidence. Makes us feel like we can do something for other people.

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