The Fire Burns Until Darkness Calls

by Kevin Jokipii

The fire burns until darkness calls
But stay with me as the radiant fire in all its glory burns us all
The light will illuminate my vision and the trees that burn to the ground won’t seem so tall

It’s something that needs to happen right this instant because the raging inferno must show its might
The trees had no chance when they carelessly ignited the fire like a fatal mistake that revealed truth and insight

And when my eternal flame burns you and you begin to feel the red, you’ll see the contradiction of nature at work
As the always relentless devil starts to lurk

But have comfort in knowing my eyes see the light And things will turn out to be more than just all right

Are you still worried about the trees that were destroyed and left for He? I must remind you that they were never meant to be

And remember if you’re compelled to figure this out and explain this sudden wrath You’ll just get lost because this combustion is far too complex for your equated path

Will you just let this fueling energy run its course So I can conquer life, for better or worse

And when my flame begins to simmer
I’ll be ready to listen because the brightness of the light will lessen and everything will seem dimmer

The humbling nature of life and death with all its nightmare and fantasy that swings us from love to hate will calmly take its place
But please don’t worry; this experience will not turn to waste

You may believe I’m the only player in this faction
But please promise me the warmth of your patient love will not turn to ash when the water cools this chain reaction

Because the memory will be the fresh air needed to take on this cloudy storm For it will be a time when character is born

But please don’t worry, for the light won’t ignite the fire again when it reflects Because I know a wounded soul can only repair itself so much before it tears the flesh

Before you go I need to assure you I’m well-equipped to face the darkness of this dangerous game
Because it’s a fair enough challenge considering the miserable blessing of my eternal flame.

Image by Delphine Ducaruge

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